Historical romance always a favorite read

FreelyGiven-JScarbrough200x300This week, romance novelist Teresa Medeiros asked her Facebook followers if they liked reading historical romance. As of August 6, she’d received over 1500 responses (likes and comments).

In her reply to her fans, Teresa said, “I’ve always felt that historical romances provide a complete escape and ‘mental health break’ from our present world that is desperately needed and helps keep us sane and able to meet the challenges of our daily lives.”

I agree. Historical romance was my first love. From Georgette Heyer Regencies to the ground-breaking books of the seventies like Sweet Savage Love and the Wolf and the Dove, I’ve lost myself in romantic tales from earlier times. In fact, I named my daughter after reading the name of a minor character in the Flame and the Flower.

So when I started writing, I thought about delving into historical romance. But it is a daunting task because of all the research. Eventually, I finished My Lord Raven. I say “eventually” because it took me years. My Lord Raven is on vacation at the moment because I am going to re-publish it myself. First I want to rewrite the ending, making it stronger.

Another thing I want to do is write a sequel so that I can tell Olwen’s story. She’s a secondary character in My Lord Raven, but an important one. With a small series, I hope to attract new readers.

I have, however, written a few short medieval romances in the style of Phillipa Gregory—first person, present tense. I realize that’s not everyone’s favorite way to read a book, but I enjoyed the exercise. You can find these “shorts” at most of your ebook retailers. Freely Given sells for 99 cents, such a deal!

What about you? Do you like historical romance? Do you have a favorite period?

I’ve been following Poldark and Downton Abbey on PBS, and of course, the wonderful Outlander on Starzz. Do you enjoy these period dramas on television?

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