Tangled Memories update still enjoyed by readers

JanScarbrough_TangledMemories_200pxI wrote Tangled Memories many years ago. It was one of the first books I wrote. When I released it again in January, I’d refreshed it with an eye to my current writing style. My editor Karen Block also gave it a polish. What do you know? It’s still a good read!

And now it has a new cover. It is in ebook, and as of two days ago, Tangled Memories has a paperback version, much cheaper than other paperback versions.

Here are some 2016 Amazon reviews of Tangled Memories.

  • What a wonderful well written gothic romance read! Once started, I could not put it down.
  • This is known as a gothic romance, but there is a touch of the paranormal to it because of past lives becoming a reality in the present time…I loved this mysterious romance!
  • I loved this book!
  • I loved this story it was suspenseful and romantic at the same time!
  • OK; interesting premise, well written, great imagination; and whose to claim it couldn’t happen? I’ve been around a long time and seen things that shouldn’t have been true.

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