Odds ‘n’ Ends Because I Forgot It’s Thursday

Kentucky Rain
Kentucky Rain

Yikes! It’s Thursday. I forgot about blogging! I didn’t get a horse fix tonight, so my day is messed up.  Instead of my riding lesson, I took my granddaughter to hers. Tuesday was frigid and lessons were canceled. Today my granddaughter rode a horse named No More. They cantered. She’s six. Mama Jan is impressed.

Tonight my husband is copying a VCR tape that my mother put together in the late nineties. She’d taken over an hour’s worth of slides to a company to have them transferred to video tape. The slides were of me, the only child, from birth to college. It was fun reliving the scenes from my past, caught in quick moments, frozen in history. My biggest take-away from watching the old pictures flash across the computer screen—I was well-loved. It sounds so obvious, but somehow the knowledge was lost because of teenage angst and later “true” love. Yet looking back at those pictures, I see the love my parents had for me. It brings tears to my eyes since they’ve been gone so long. But the love is still there. Love remains.

Other things:

Kathleen Brooks interviewed me for her blog. Check it out. I describe my Bluegrass Reunion series, among other things.

Finally, I’ll be participating in The Third Annual That Book Place Authors Fair March 16 10:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. Location: That Book Place, 337 Clifty Dr., Madison, IN 47250 Here is a list of the authors attending.


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