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REUNION 200-300I need your help figuring out why you like my books. Why? So I can give you more of what you like. My bestselling Kindle eBook is The Reunion Game (99-cents).

Have you read The Reunion Game? What was your favorite scene in The Reunion Game? Why? How did that scene make you feel?

Below is my favorite scene. I love it because Jane has spunk and courage that I have lacked in my life. From the scene below, she goes on to dance with the hero and kiss him on the dance floor. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. But it is fun to fantasize, isn’t it?

 The Time of My Life from the movie Dirty Dancing came over the loud speakers. She loved that movie when she was a preteen, identifying with the character of Baby, the shy heroine who had the courage to go after the hunky dance instructor. Why couldn’t she be like Baby?

Graham ushered Dawn to the dance floor and swung her sister into the swaying mambo steps they learned at ballroom dancing lessons in the eighth grade—steps right from the script of her favorite movie.

Jane curled her fingers into a fist. No, she wasn’t a mealy-mouthed teenager any longer. She was an adult and tired of dreaming about Graham Winchester and what might have been.

Jane put her palms flat down on the table. Slowly she pushed herself to her feet. Surprising even herself, Jane marched across the dance floor.

Like Patrick Swayze in the movie, Graham twirled Dawn around and lowered her, bending her back and leaning over her in an imitation kiss. They lingered like that, staring into each other’s eyes, their lips inches apart.

“Excuse me.” Jane tapped Graham’s shoulder. “I believe this is my dance.”

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